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12 January 2015 @ 10:54 pm
An attempt to transcribe Mickey Avalon's "Red Light District"  
So far as I know, this song is only performed live and no lyrics have been published for it.

She got legs for miles
and a devilish smile
A twinkle in her eye
and impeccable style
She knows her worth
and ain't nothing free
Working these suckers for her salary
Walks these streets
like a ballerina between the sheets
She's the main feature
Hard to get your rocks off
in a two-seater
Cost a lotta loot but
There ain't none sweeter
Take a trick to the top of the world
Never get a kiss outta this little girl

Better look quick
Red light district
Hookers and tricks
Red light district
Give it all to your pimp
Red light district
Roll up in the whip [i.e. a Mercedes-Benz]
What you'll do for a tip
Red light district
Gotta pay the rent
Red light district

Whether it's Amsterdam
or the Sunset Strip
It's the oldest profession
in the biz
For a midnight fix
And you gotta get away from the wife and the kids
And if you say you never paid for the sex
I guess you never took a bitch out to breakfast
You big, big spender
You ain't never bought a ring or a necklace
Let's get to the moral of the story:
There comes a time when a man gets horny
And if you don't wanna jerk your own dick
Then take a trip to the red light district


Make that money
(make it, make it)
Make that money
Go make it, honey
(make it, make it)
Shake it, honey
(shake it, shake it)
Take that money
(take it, take it)