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Transe Macabre

At about 1:18 Michael licks Satchel's guitar!
Transe Macabre
This movie leaves me with mixed feelings. I can't even describe it as mediocre, because what it does well, it does GREAT. But it's like 1/3 brilliant to 2/3 lazy, and it's FRUSTRATING.

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Transe Macabre
25 April 2015 @ 03:31 pm
So Astolat has some less than flattering things to say about the new Daredevil series. Okay, cool, some of what she says has merit. Let's talk about that. But she tries to go a little SJW on the show having POC villains (as well as white villains) and that's kinda rich considering...

Screen shot 2015-04-25 at 3.23.22 PM

The fic I referenced, btw, is right here on her A03 page, where Kingpin (as played by the dearly departed Michael Clark Duncan) rapes Daredevil, which means Astolat depicts a black man raping a white man. Yo, how the fuck can you talk shit when you're guilty of the same fucking thing? Astolat should know that depiction does not equal endorsement. Or is it only bad when its a TV show that she doesn't care for depicting such things?
Transe Macabre
25 April 2015 @ 12:38 pm
From this post on Marvel's awesome Daredevil series:

For another: what the hell is fire to a blind person? You can’t touch fire (without dire consequences). You can’t smell fire. You can’t hear fire. If Matt describes the world as a place on fire, then what he’s essentially describing is a place he can’t touch. That’s — weird and wrong, given what we know of his abilities.

Are you an actual fucking idiot? You can't hear, or smell, or feel fire? Fire cracks and pops and hisses. The heat from a fire can be felt across a room, and you can smell smoke and the scent of the wood or paper as it burns. Fire is a full sensory experience. I realize most of fandom nowadays seems to live in mom and dad's basement and never interacts with the outside world, but for fuck's sake have you never been near a FIRE?!
Transe Macabre
06 April 2015 @ 09:35 pm
I have a feeling that MCU Ant-Man will either surprise us all and turn out to be amazing, and everyone will flock to it and it'll be a mega-hit like GOTG, or it will be Marvel's first bomb.
Transe Macabre
14 March 2015 @ 12:59 am
Vampiro, aka Ian Hodgkinson, fka Canadian Vampire Casanova (no, really) is a wrestler who should've been way more famous than he is. He had the look and the moves, and he also had the misfortune to join WCW during its ignoble descent into irrelevance. He spent most of his career being the biggest deal ever in Mexico, because Mexicans know what's up.


Nowadays, he's doing announcing on Lucha Underground (which is awesome, btw) and he's also a righteous human being. He's active in the Mexico City chapter of the Guardian Angels, a citizen group that patrols the dangerous streets looking out for civilians. He saved a man from dying at a McDonald's recently. And he advocates for the rights of Native Canadians. He's a cool dude and you should know more about him!
Transe Macabre
22 February 2015 @ 11:30 pm
Becoming a pirate king in the Caribbean and waging unceasing war against not only the British Navy but society as a whole, in revenge for the persecution of your same-sex relationship and your one true love being confined in an asylum is romantic and tragic as fuck and quite unexpected coming from a dumb anachronistic STARZ show about pirates glowering at each other over mugs of ale and leaping out of the way of cannon blasts.
Transe Macabre
11 February 2015 @ 09:56 pm
Finn Balor, an Irish wrassler known for painting himself up like a demon god, and Japanese wrasslin lengend KENTA, currently known as Hideo Itami (his WWE slave name) are in NXT together, and these two strangers in a strange land are always posting waaaaay too many cute pictures of each other frolicking about in the Florida sunshine.

I totally want a Youtube series about Finn and Hideo going on adventures~ together.
Transe Macabre
So far as I know, this song is only performed live and no lyrics have been published for it.

She got legs for miles
and a devilish smile
A twinkle in her eye
and impeccable style
She knows her worth
and ain't nothing free
Working these suckers for her salary
Walks these streets
like a ballerina between the sheets
She's the main feature
Hard to get your rocks off
in a two-seater
Cost a lotta loot but
There ain't none sweeter
Take a trick to the top of the world
Never get a kiss outta this little girl

Better look quick
Red light district
Hookers and tricks
Red light district
Give it all to your pimp
Red light district
Roll up in the whip [i.e. a Mercedes-Benz]
What you'll do for a tip
Red light district
Gotta pay the rent
Red light district

Whether it's Amsterdam
or the Sunset Strip
It's the oldest profession
in the biz
For a midnight fix
And you gotta get away from the wife and the kids
And if you say you never paid for the sex
I guess you never took a bitch out to breakfast
You big, big spender
You ain't never bought a ring or a necklace
Let's get to the moral of the story:
There comes a time when a man gets horny
And if you don't wanna jerk your own dick
Then take a trip to the red light district


Make that money
(make it, make it)
Make that money
Go make it, honey
(make it, make it)
Shake it, honey
(shake it, shake it)
Take that money
(take it, take it)

Transe Macabre
30 December 2014 @ 05:15 pm
Last night Seth Rollins was the heeliest heel since, at least, Edge from 2008. In fact, Edge from 2014 was one of his principal victims. Who would ever have thought that the pretty boy with a lisp in Age of the Fall would become wrasslin's most vicious villain? Somewhere, Jimmy Jacobs is brushing away a tear and whispering to himself, "So proud of my boy."

Sometimes Seth has trouble putting his Cyberfights days behind him.